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Stories and stories of people and families 

With this section of the website we want to try to give people, families, and groups, the opportunity to tell, narrate and share feelings, experiences, emotions related to their personal situation and to encourage exchange and authentic relationships.

The narrative has recently been rediscovered and recognized as a fundamental constitutive dimension of existence, of importance in situations of illness and suffering. Patients' stories have become the subject of renewed attention, which we are interested in promoting also within our Association.

Facing the path of illness, living with illness, living everyday life, relating to others, relating to health or social workers are moments and spaces in which writing and narration can be a useful tool to highlight the value of individual reflections and experiences.

We want to create a space for exchange, but in the age of social media, which tells and documents everything, we are wondering how we can provide a space that is attentive, sensitive, welcoming and protected from outside interference that has little to do with our aims. There are narratives dictated by the experience of illness that 'do good' but could also 'hurt'. This is why it is important to recognize those situations in which stories could add suffering to suffering and activate forms of protection for the narration and its author. As an association, we are committed to protecting those who wish to share their experience with us or other members.

Anyone who feels the need to write, to tell their story, is therefore invited to do so, freely, spontaneously, creatively, and to send it to the e-mail address of our Association. The text will be read by a trusted person from our Committee, who will be able to interact and establish contact and assess and decide how to proceed, deciding together whether to continue with a publication in this specific part of the site or whether to follow up what has been written.

The heart of care is relationship. It will be good to meet and respect what is unique in us, to truly recognize each other, and face the future with courage, justice and hope.

"In order to understand suffering and to help, one has to enter the patient's world, look at it and interpret it through the patient's eyes, even if only by imagination.

Storytelling is a magnet and a bridge, attracting and uniting various areas of knowledge". 



Rita Charon, 2019

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